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Exaile Plugin: Exaile Web Display v0.0.4

Exaile Web Display is a plugin for the music player Exaile that adds web display functionality to Exaile. The plugin creates a small html file that can be called then from local or remote systems. If write-access is guaranteed, this file can be placed into a webserver directory structure as well (e. g. /var/www).

Exaile Web Display
Example Output
Image 1: Exaile Web Display Example Output 

The formatting of the Exaile Web Display output is completely customizable. Therefore it is possible to e. g. remove all html parts and create a plain text file only.





There are two parts that can be configured: location of the output file and content formatting of this output file. Informations of the currently playing track are placed within the output formatting specification via variables.

 Exaile Plugin
Exaile Web Display Configuration
Image 2: Exaile Web Display Plugin Configuration  

Attention: There will be no error popup or similar if interpreting of the output formatting specification fails! The output file will simply not being written then.

If the output file does not gets updated/written, make sure that you don't included illegal parameters in the output formatting specification!



Known Bugs & Planned Features 

Planned Features 

  • Add more fancy output
  • Formatting Presets


Known Bugs

  • Incorrect output of non-ASCII characters (e. g. German Umlauts)
  • If Exaile autostarts playing on startup, this first song is missed in output


Version History


- Upgrade Release for compatibility to Exaile 0.3.2



- Upgrade Release for compatibility to Exaile 0.3.1



- Bugfix: No output if one or more track informations were missing



- Initial Release for Exaile




Due to changes within Exaile, versions 0.0.3 and 0.0.4 are released (see Changelog). All older versions remain available for download, because it is untested/unknown whether the most current version is downwards compatible.

Current version 0.0.4 to download: Download Download

Prior version 0.0.3 to download: Download Download

Prior version 0.0.2 to download: Download Download


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